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Mischics is a marketplace for beautiful, original & meaningful jewelry that is ethically crafted by artisans with fair pricing. At Mischics, you could experience impeccable craftsmanship products made with finesse and love for any group of age, for any occasion, friendship, family or business.



We are a small team of less than 30 people, working with top-grade factories, Individual craftsman from all over the world to help them sell handmade products, and we will also sell products handmade by our own craftsmen. We believe in spectacular expressions of love—the more love is shared and displayed, the more there is in the world, and the better the world is for all of us.



Regardless of our culture, religion, or tradition, these shiny, little accessories have always been used to adorn ourselves in many ways. They have become a true form of expression, hiding a world of stories, emotions and meanings. That's why we have always been to provide personal customer service and exceptional quality items at affordable, competitive prices. We believe in creating and designing beautiful, original, meaningful and functional items that makes your every moment memorial & iconic. 




We make items sustainable and responsible.

S - Social equality & respect

We believe in paying fair wages and respect towards artisan as well as artisanal skills as well as artisans allows trustworthy and long lasting relationships with people.

U - Understanding Environment Concerns

Larger use of locally available materials were used to reduce carbon emissions. We focus on creating environment friendly packaging solutions.

S - Shareable & Longevity

We know that a great quality piece would last longer and a longer life means lesser products are consumed and produced. Our focus is ensuring great quality to increase the lifetime of our products. Artisanal pieces are the last ones to reach the landfills.

T - Traditional Skills & Technology 

Preserving traditional skills not only supports the artisan clusters but it is socially sustainable. Our idea is to generate demand and create opportunities around traditional skills.

A -  Artisans Friendly

We build long lasting relationships with Artisans through fair and ethical trade practices. 

I - Imperfect Rejection 

Our lives, including ourselves, are not perfect, and so are jewelry. Sale at a discount, donation and recycling rejections help in using the product and gives it a life.

N - Neoteric Packing

We use cotton handmade pouches from waste fabrics or paper made from naturally fallen trees to reduce plastic consumption.